Paramore: Hard Times

Paramore’s music video for ‘Hard Times’ from the upcoming album, After Laughter – available May 12th on Fueled By Ramen.

What Paramore has pulled off with “Hard Times” does not seem easy. They’ve expanded their sound, at once quite obviously but also subtly, in the margins, and come out of the other side with what immediately feels like one of the best singles of their career, and one of the best pop songs of the new year. In a New York Times story that was rolled out this morning along with the song and video, Paramore makes it clear that “Hard Times” is a precursor for their most pop album yet. But they say that they once again eschewed proposed collaborations with industry songwriters and producers, instead following a natural path to this landing spot.

This shouldn’t feel as rebellious, or even as exciting, as it does, but such is the state of popular music. It’s also an interesting experiment, even if you don’t care for Paramore’s music. Can a rock band make rock music, but also pop music, in 2017, and be as popular as Zedd? As much as I want to know the answer, I’m still kind of scared to find out.

(via Jordan Sargent)