Westworld – Trailer

HBO’s new science fiction series Westworld, a modern adaptation of Michael Crichton’s 1973 movie of the same name. Like Game of Thrones, Westworld has a mature, sophisticated approach to beloved genre ideas—but can a theme park full of malfunctioning robots capture the popular imagination the same way that Westeros did in 2011?

As with the original movie, Westworld takes place in a special vacation resort where you can visit the Wild West and interact with shockingly lifelike robots. There are gunfights, saloons, sex workers and outlaws. The park’s designers, led by Dr. Robert Flood (Anthony Hopkins) and Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) have endeavored to create machines that think, and feel, just the same way regular humans do, albeit with scripted responses. At the end of every day, these robots have their memories erased so they can start afresh, cleansed of whatever horrors they may have experienced.

(via Wired)