The Chainsmokers, Drew Love – Somebody

The Chainsmokers & Drew Love From THEY. Teamed Up For ‘Somebody’ an amazing artistic video with speed Illustrations by Molly Crabapple.

Titled “Somebody,” the song marks The Chainsmokers’ fourth release since last year’s ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ album.
“Do more sleep less.” That’s how The Chainsmokers and Drew Love of R&B duo THEY. announced their forthcoming collaborative single, which hit digital shelves everywhere Friday, April 20.

The Chainsmokers’ singer Drew Taggart and Love describe the record as “a story of temptation through time,” leading off with that concept at the top of the song’s music video which is creatively executed through time-lapsed water color paintings.

The song isn’t an anthem, but doesn’t try to be one. It’s a slow-cooker coated with R&B tones and twinkling accents reminiscent of earlier works by The Chainsmokers.

“Somebody” marks the guys’ fourth release since last year’s Memories…Do Not Open album, following “Sick Boy,” “You Owe Me” and “Everybody Hates Me.

(via Billboard)