The Brink – Steve Bannon Documentary – Trailer

THE BRINK is a fly-on-the-wall chronicle of embattled former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s global mission to spread extreme nationalism.

“It’d be easy to accuse The Brink of bias, and some certainly will, whether it’s because they sense a rigged game from the get-go or simply because it’s their/our knee-jerk reaction to everything now. And while you’re sure Klayman has an opinion on Bannon — who doesn’t? — she appears to be more interested in observing what it’s like to be a person who’s wormed their way into power and wants to ride that wave to “global revolt.” – Vanity Fair (Her debut feature, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, followed the Chinese artist as he battled government censors; she was one of several director who worked on the election-day compilation 11/8/16.)

“the year’s most urgent documentary—the one you need to see this week, not this year.”


“Thank goodness for “The Brink,” which is just the kind of lucid, observant, chillingly contradictory portrait Bannon deserves.”

Washington Post