Steve Aoki & Autoerotique – ILYSM -Chapter 1

“Everybody here is my first single + music video from the 4OKI EP. It’s called ILYSM with my Canadian brothers AutoErotique. We worked on this song for a long long time to get it to this secret sauce and we think you’ll love this one just as much as we do. The vocals on this one is from the one and only Brandy which took a minute to get cleared but she loved what we did so we got the OK.

Be ready for the drop because I hope it makes you feel something sensitive inside and makes you feel something all glittery. I’ve played this one out in every set for the past year and it always brings me back into that secret sauce. Here it is ladies and gentlemen. ILYSM.

4 singles coming out every Friday in this month of July. All with 4 music videos directed by David Yarovesky that are part of the same story with 4 different characters leading the narrative. Welcome to 4OKI. Join in to watch and listen how this story unfolds.”

(Steve Aoki)

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