Shawn Mendes – In My Blood

Just as fans begin to recover from last month’s back-to-back single releases from Shawn Mendes, the Canadian sweetheart evokes another flood of emotion with his music video for “In My Blood,”.

The rock ballad, which was released March 22, had members of the Mendes Army feeling all the feels over some of the singer’s most vulnerable work to date. Round two of the army-wide crying fest has arrived as a result of the “In My Blood” music video, in which director Jay Martin proves sometimes the most minimal art makes the biggest statement.

The first scene in the one-take clip is an aerial view of Mendes laying on his back on a brick floor, barefoot and dressed in a simple, neutral outfit. The overhead camera gradually zooms in as Mendes sings; when the bass drum fully kicks in, rocks fall in slow motion from above, shattering and then disappearing on impact. Snow and rain also pour over him, but he continues to lay helplessly and sing along through the unruly weather.

“In My Blood” is the first single from Mendes’ forthcoming third studio album.

(via Billboard)