Sean Paul & Major Lazer – Tip Pon It

Major Lazer has released ‘ Tip Pon It’ , his new song with Sean Paul. It is not their first collaboration, we have already seen them together on hits such as ‘Come On To Me’, ‘One Wine’ or ‘ Buscando Traces’.

‘Tip Pon It’ combines Sean Paul’s music with Major Lazer’s own EDM style, as well as including a certain rhythm of moombahton that makes it different.

For its part, the video clip, directed by Alexandre Courtès, takes a very surreal edge as the video progresses, since Sean Paul and several twerk dancers appear as giants. But not only that, due to their enormous size, the twerking of the dancers generates a strong storm in the recording studio.

Of course, nothing is as crazy as the huge butt that appears from nowhere in the studio!