Ryan Gosling Jazz Monologue – SNL

Ryan Gosling explains how he saved jazz to Kenan Thompson and Emma Stone.

Saturday Night Live made yet another fine casting choice last night, though it had nothing to do with political doppelgangers (though there was plenty of that too). Lorne Michael’s wisest move of the just-beginning season 43 was hiring the ever convivial – if way too giggly – Ryan Gosling as its first host. With Blade Runner 2049 about to drop, the heat-seeking Gosling was an obvious catch, and his ease on the SNL stage guided the cast-shaken series through any first-night jitters.

Ok, so maybe a little too much ease, with all of Gosling’s character-breaking laughing, but no big harm and not too much foul there.

Gosling’s monologue was all about “saving jazz,” an ode to La La Land that also mashed in elements of Blade Runner, a fake Harrison Ford anecdote, some piano noodling and, finally, a surprise appearance by La La co-star Emma Stone.

(via Deadline Hollywood)