MUSE – The Dark Side [Official Music Video]

Muse have marked their return with new single ‘The Dark Side’ as well as announcing new album ‘Simulation Theory‘.

Following on from recent singles ‘Dig Down‘, ‘Thought Contagion‘, and ‘Something Human‘, the new track follows an operatic rock route more traditional of the band – albeit with an electro-pop edge.

It also comes complete with a sci-fi video, seemingly the sequel to ‘Something Human’ as frontman Bellamy swerves his way around a futuristic dystopian landscape.

Meanwhile, speaking to NME earlier this year, Muse spoke about their plans to “blow people’s minds” with their next big tour.

“We’re going to do the biggest tour and just blow people’s minds with stuff they’ve never seen before,” the frontman said.
“We’re going to come up with something that no one’s ever seen before. We’re always interested in the latest technology and what’s cutting edge, so we’re always thinking of the new thing that nobody’s ever used before in a concert. And we found something and we’re going to use that.”

The band are expected to announce 2019 tour dates shortly.

(via MTV)