Miley Cyrus Updates “Santa Baby” with Mark Ronson and Jimmy Fallon

Miley Cyrus has changed up the lyrics to the 1953 Christmas classic “Santa Baby” to give them a more feminist spin in this Tonight Show skit with Jimmy Fallon and Mark Ronson. No fur, cars, diamonds or stocks for her, she’s looking for equal pay, consent, and an end to mansplaining.

New Lyrics

Santa, baby, I hear you’ve got some presents
For me, Miley
I’ve been an awfully good girl,
Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa, baby, I don’t fancy any fancy jewelry, not me
i’ve got something else in mind
santa baby, and i don’t need your presents tonight

don’t want diamonds, cash or stocks
nothing that comes in a box
no more fluff, I’ve had enough
and I can buy my own damn stuff

Santa baby, I’ve got a baller car of my own,
No loans,
And I bought it myself
Santa baby, with zero help from Elf on the Shelf

Listen Santa to what I say
A girl’s best friend is equal pay
Stop interrupting me when i talk
And don’t text me pictures of your–

Santa baby, I’d love to know my ass won’t get grabbed
At work
By some ignorant jerk
Tell the dirtbags, to put away their chimneys tonight

Sorry, Santa
Just put away your chimney tonight!

Just put away your chimney tonight!