After walking away unscathed from a head-on car collision last Friday (July 28), Macklemore unveils his new video “Marmalade” featuring Lil Yachty.

Instead of taking the driver’s seat for his latest visual, Macklemore allows “Mini Macklemore” and “Lil Lil Yachty” to lead the way. Throughout the video, the two youngsters paint the city red after stealing the keys to Macklemore’s Maybach. The humor-filled visual finds the tandem picking up some of their friends, purchasing some gaudy jewelry and showcasing some off their best dance moves.

The mischief doesn’t quite end there. Later, the boys manage to slyly steal Tom Brady’s jersey and hand it over to former Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch at his mansion. After successfully completing their mission, the quartet of boys bask in their latest victory poolside, courtesy of Lynch.

“Marmalade” is Macklemore’s second single from his forthcoming solo album, which has yet been given a title nor release date.

(via Billboard)