Lorde – Perfect Places

Gorgeous New Zealand landscapes, amazing outfits, and big hair – it could only be a Lorde video.

The Kiwi pop star has released a new video, the second from her sophomore album Melodrama.The video is for Perfect Places, the album’s closing track, and appropriately it features a range of – well, pretty perfect places.There is no clear story to the clip, but Lorde appears to me marooned on a deserted island.

Things aren’t all bad though – there’s plenty of champagne and she’s brought a wardrobe of incredible high-fashion outfits.
In a cryptic Tweet, Lorde hinted the island might represent a perfect mental state.
“A drink, a drumbeat, a paradise, a prison.. a far-off island of the mind… let’s go to PERFECT PLACES,” she said.

(via Stuff NZ)