Kris Wu – Juice

The xXx franchise has already made millions worldwide, but the film series gets a little more global with the reveal of its latest soundtrack single.

“Juice” is the new track by Kris Wu for the accompanying xXx: Return of Xander Cage soundtrack. Its video sees the Chinese-born star and former EXO member rapping at a blacklight-lit party and among a fleet of luxurious cars. Soon enough, the viewer sees that one of the cars has Vin Diesel — Mr. Xander Cage himself — at the wheel and actor comes out to turn up alongside Wu.

“I was pretty gassed when the studio asked me to make a song for the movie,” Wu, who has a role as Harvard “Nicks” Zhou in the new xXx film, tells Billboard. “For them to get behind the track means so much. We’re taking this club banger to the big screen and to the world in a major way.”

Wu adds that “Juice” is important in expanding his reach past his core fanbase in Asia. “This is my first real global release, and I wanted to come out of the gates showing everyone who I am,” the 26-year-old says. “Vin and I have developed a real supportive friendship, and for the dude that has over 100 million fans on Facebook to pull up and flex in my video really means a lot. It was all genuine and I think that vibe was definitely captured in the video.”

Not only will Wu’s 2017 be centered around his Hollywood debut when the film hits U.S. theaters on Jan. 20, but he adds he’s “creating more than ever” and is excited for everyone to hear his new music. He adds, “I do feel like what I have in the pipelines is going to blow people’s minds and break down barriers this year.”

(via Billboard)