Katy Perry’s Cherry Pie – Featuring Her Song ‘Bon Appétit’

In this recipe video, Katy Perry shows fans how to make a Cherry Pie, with her song ‘Bon Appétit’ playing in the background. She explains that there are various meanings associated with the word cherry – cute, sexy or sexual!

Variety.com say about ‘Bon Appétit’, “Katy Perry is no stranger to the extended, over-the-top sexual metaphor (see: “Peacock”) or even sex-as-food similes (the molten popsicles of “California Gurls,” the whipped cream-shooting bras of her touring act). So when, on her new single, a line appears about being “spread like a buffet,” we know she is re-fixated on the prime Perry preoccupations, not slumming to do a chuck wagon commercial. But she’s never doubled down on double entendres quite to the degree she does in “Bon Appetit,” a gleefully ridiculous exercise in chewing the comedic scenery by presenting female sexuality as a four-course-plus meal. You may not know whether to giggle or gag at Perry’s barrage of carnal/culinary one-liners; the song should come with its own Heimlich maneuver, just in case.