Jain – Makeba

It takes just a few seconds of listening to Jain to know that you’ve stumbled on someone special. Pick a song – any song – from the Parisian’s glorious, globe-trotting debut album, Zanaka, and the effect is the same. Instantly, you’ll be startled, smitten and smiling.

Jain shared on her facebook page, “Miriam Makeba’s songs have always followed me through the countries where I lived, by her strength and her voice, she became for me a Symbol. It is a symbolic clip, where South Africa is put forward, where art and rhythm are mixed, and where cultures are in harmony. Greg and Lio, the two directors knew perfectly how to capture this. Between street artist, pantsula dancers, fanfares and musicians, it is also a personal meeting with South African artists around the music. Viva Mama Africa !!!”