INCREDIBLES 2 “Dash Destroys House” Trailer

Just because you’re the fastest hero around doesn’t mean you won’t encounter problems, and Dash is learning that lesson the hard way.

In the newest trailer for Disney’s Incredibles 2, Dash is front and center, showing just how useful his abilities can be when he saves an elderly woman from a falling car. His enthusiasm is also enviable, but his mastery of remote controls….yeah, not so much.

Thanks to Elastigirl’s new job as the face of heroes everywhere, the family gets a swanky new home, which comes with all the slick gadgets and amenities you’d expect. That includes rotating floors that turn into a pool of some sort, but Dash can’t seem to get the hang of it and is really messing up their furniture as a result.

Seriously, Jack-Jack could probably handle this better. As for why Dash has powers of super-speed, director Brad Bird explains the reasoning behind each member of the family’s power set.

“What interests me is the idea of having a family, having there be a reason to hide the powers,” Bird said. “And once I had that insight into what I wanted to do, I picked the powers based on who they were in the family. And so men are always expected to be strong, so I had Bob have super strength. Women, mothers are always pulled in a million different directions, so I had her be elastic. Teenagers are insecure and defensive, so I had Violet have force fields and invisibility. Ten-year-olds are energy balls that can’t be stopped. And babies are unknown, maybe they have no powers, maybe they have all powers, we don’t know.”

As we’ve learned from previous trailers, Jack-Jack definitely falls into the latter camp.

In regards to Dash, he’ll not only have to deal with supervillains and falling cars, but also his baby brother’s rampages and the dreaded and formidable villain known as new math, and that may just be his most vicious foe yet.