Power-pop duo Superfruit—comprised of Pentatonix stars Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying— have released part one of their debut EP, Future Friends. Packed with electro-funk summer anthems, the seven-track project is a surprising standout with production and songwriting credits from industry heavyweights Danny L. Harle, Caroline Polacheck (Chairlift), ROBOPOP and more.

“Superfruit is a little more raunchy, Grassi told OUT, comparing their work to Pentatonix’s acapella sound. “It’s a little less G-Rated […] With Superfruit, it’s a little more gay-friendly and a lot more open, more sexual, more liberated.”

On Future Friends, Grassi and Hoying work through tongue-in-cheek lyrics about queer flings, but nothing overwrought—just insanely fun, ultra-gay radio bops. “I can be a doctor if you show me what hurts,” the pair sing on EP highlight, “Imaginary Parties,” before offering a slumber party with the classic game, “Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.”

The track’s music video, out today, features Superfruit in a series of colorful, stylized environments, as Grassi and Hoying don looks for days that perfectly complement the song’s bright, upbeat production. “Baby, let’s get fresh, I know we know how,” they sing proudly, asserting themselves as one of the year’s biggest breakout acts.


(via OUT)