Game of Thrones – Season 8 – Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell

Watch the new teaser for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones: “Crypts of Winterfell.”

We’ve got Jon walking through the Winterfell crypts and passing by the statue of his mother, Lyanna Stark-Targaryen. The feather Robert Baratheon put in her hands in the series premiere falls to the floor. Jon turns around, a pensive look on his face.

Next, Sansa walks past a statue of her mother Catelyn. Arya walks down an adjacent tunnel. Jon walks past Ned’s statue. “You might not have my name but you have my blood,” Ned says.

All three meet in the middle and are confronted by statues of themselves. Arya’s statue is holding Needle, Sansa is looking like the Lady of Winterfell, and Jon’s statue bears his now signature scar. All three turn around and a cold mist rolls over Lyanna’s feather. Jon and Arya draw their swords — Longclaw and Needle — and boom, we get the season 8 premiere date: April 14.

(via Fansided)