Facefull of chocolate cake!

A German MP was hit in the face with a chocolate cake on Saturday, apparently in protest at her stance on refugees.

Sahra Wagenknecht was targeted at a congress of her far-left Die Linke Party in the city of Magdeburg.

She was sitting in the front row during the opening speech when a young man stopped in front of her and threw the chocolate cream cake in her face, before shouting what sounded like slogans. A self-styled ‘anti-fascist’ group said it was behind the attack.

Wagenknecht has said that Germany should put a limit on the number of refugees it takes in – a position not supported by others in her party.

She is the second German politician to be attacked with a dessert this year over her position on asylum-seekers. Beatrix von Storch of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party suffered a similar fate last month.