Eminem – Venom

Eminem infects the masses with a Slim Shady symbiote in the rapper’s new video for “Venom,” the featured track from the movie about the Marvel antihero.

In the video, a virus – based on the alien symbiote at the heart of Venom – makes everyday citizens spontaneously burst out rapping, destroy stuff and transform into Eminem, who delivers the track in a darkened room.

The Slim Shady symbiote works its way through the city until it encounters another hooded figure that eventually turns into Eminem, who in turns morphs into murderous Venom at the end of the video.

In addition to being the centerpiece of the film’s soundtrack, “Venom” served as the closing track on the rapper’s surprise LP Kamikaze.

Venom, starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, in theaters now. Despite the antihero’s fan favorite spot in the Marvel universe, Peter Travers blasted the film in a scathing one-star review, blasting its “crude” direction and “aggressively blockheaded script.”

(via Rollingstop)