Dunkirk IMAX® Exclusive TV Spot

Christopher Nolan has captured the majority of Dunkirk with IMAX’s extremely high-resolution 2D film cameras to deliver IMAX audiences greater scope and breathtaking image quality. Exclusively in IMAX® theatres, these sequences will expand vertically to fill the entire IMAX screen and show audiences up to 40% more of the image.

In May 1940, Germany advanced into France, trapping Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. Under air and ground cover from British and French forces, troops were slowly and methodically evacuated from the beach using every serviceable naval and civilian vessel that could be found. At the end of this heroic mission, 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers were safely evacuated.

Right now Warner Bros. Dunkirk is holding the fort at No. 1 in its second weekend with an industry estimate of $28.2M, -44% and sending the Christopher Nolan to $103M by Sunday. When compared to the total running cume of Nolan’s previous movie, Interstellar, though its second Sunday, Dunkirk will be running 6% ahead of that astronaut movie — and it had a two day extra start at the time. Interstellar finaled at $188M in U.S./Canada.