Diego Maradona Tells Pele That Lionel Messi “Has No Personalty”

Pele and Maradona caused a stir at the Match of Friendship in Paris, France on Thursday (9th June) as they were overheard making less than flattering remarks about Lionel Messi.

Their personal feud might be over, but Diego Maradona and Pele might have just started another with no less a footballing figure than Lionel Messi.

The pair took part in a pre-Euro 2016 event in Paris on Friday called the ‘Match of Friendship’.

But it’s doubtful whether either will be receiving any friendly messages from the Barcelona and Argentina superstar for a while.

Unaware that their microphones were turned on, they were overheard describing Messi as ‘lacking personality’ and ‘without leadership qualities’ as they were waiting for the teams to walk out.