“CHRISTMAS IS HERE!” — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump

Christmas may already be over, but the holiday spirit is still alive for the crew of Bad Lip Reading. They released a new festive carol Wednesday (Dec. 27), starring none other than Donald Trump.

The weirdly catchy tune, titled “CHRISTMAS IS HERE!” has all the jolly warmth of a holiday song, but with the satirical tone that is characteristic of Bad Lip Reading.

The video features the more bizarre moments of 2017 since the inauguration, including the terrifying robo-Trump at Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents and Trump staring at the solar eclipse with naked eyes– “Christmas is here, look into the sun with zero fear,” the lyrics read.

Melania Trump makes a few cameos to express some concerns she has, and even takes a dark turn. “Please help me,” she says monotonously.

(via Billboard)