Céline Dion – Ashes (from the Deadpool 2 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is Deadpool — a.k.a. the Merc with the Mouth, a.k.a. Ryan Reynolds‘ filthy, foulmouthed mutant — sashaying across the stage in Celine Dion‘s music video for her new single, “Ashes.”

Fans were quick to note Dion had a track listed on the official Deadpool 2 soundtrack, and the iconic diva had teased “new music” would drop on May 3. She did not disappoint.

The “Ashes” music video was released online Thursday after first premiering on Good Morning America. It begins with Dion, under a lone spotlight on stage, singing, “What’s left to say/ these prayers ain’t workin’ anymore/ Every word shot down in flames.” Then, from off in the corner of the vacant theater, Deadpool comes alive through these dulcet tones.

GMA‘s Lara Spencer teased the music video’s spoof description: “They told us that Deadpool himself wrote Celine a letter asking if she would like to be part of his ‘masterpiece,’ and after she heard 30 seconds of the song, she was sold.”

Complete with high heels, the merc struts the stage, performing an interpretive dance with all the flourishes and zest you’d expect from someone with an abnormal obsession with unicorns.

“Let beauty come out of ashes,” Dion sings in the refrain. Deadpool, who was physically scarred in a fire, might be the most beautiful thing ever to arise from the ashes. Forget X-Force and Avengers: Infinity War, the team up of Canadian powerhouses Dion and Reynolds is the most ambitious crossover of all time. (Slight exaggeration?)

“Showtime, Mama,” Reynolds tweeted.

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on May 18. For more on the film, check out this week’s EW cover story.

(via EW)